Liner Notes

All songs written and performed by Floater
Produced by DAX and Robert Wynia
Mixed by Tony Lash at Mandible Portland, OR
Mastered by Ryan Foster at FREQ Mastering Portland, OR
Drums and bass recorded by Kevin Hahn at Opal Studios Portland, OR
Vocals, guitars, strings, percussion, sound effects recorded by DAX at The Fortress of Solitude
Strings performed by Douglas Jenkins
Cover photo by Andrew Robinson

Floater thanks their families and fans for making this possible.


Concentrate (4:27)
Cannonball (3:35)
Wondering (2:10)
Broken Toy (3:47)
The Simplest Way of Life (4:49)
White Dress (3:09)
Matadors (3:06)
Leave A Light On (4:41)
Enough (7:02)
You Taught Me (3:02)
Killing Time (3:23)
Let It Go (3:41)

June 15, 2010