About Stiff & Restless

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Stiff & Restless is a Floater archive & fan site created for the fans, by a lifelong Floater fan, and always up to date. The goal here is to collect and share with Floater fans everything from their entire discography, past tour dates and upcoming shows, news, set lists, artwork, memorabilia, audio and video, merchandise and much, much more. To promote the band as much as possible, and preserve the history of Floater and archive everything possible for the generations of fans ahead.

This is a place to KNOW Floater's history and everything about the band. If you have a question, I hope this site will have your answer. All fans and friends of Floater are encouraged to contribute pictures or information of anything Floater, from show posters, pictures, set lists, anything Floater that there is the place for, and if there isn't a place for it, I will make a place for it. Contribute pictures or information via the form on the contact page to help contribute to the world of Floater.

This site is a historical Floater archive & fan site, operating with Floater's full permission, and it is NOT associated with Floater's official website, nor is it implied or intended to be. For all OFFICIAL announcements and news, please refer to their official website Floater.com and social media accounts listed on the Links page. All copyrighted Floater content posted here with Floater's full permission.