Rich Swanson's copy of Stiff & Restless

This copy appears to be made late January 1994, has the same cover art, and the cassette appears to be similar to the Sink demo tape but with a larger style font, but includes a separate lyric insert. Centerfold is listed as "Ignite Centerfold", and Kill The Girl listed as "Killed The Girl" as it appears on Stiff & Restless. Five known original copies of the Sink demo tape have the lyrics printed on the back of the cover in tiny font, and Centerfold and Kill The Girl as the newer track titles. So this version may be one of a unique few that existed, between the Stiff & Restless and Sink demo tapes. The Stiff & Restless demo tape was released in mid-January, and by the first week of February the Sink demo was in circulation.

This cassette version contains all of the nine tracks that appear on the Sink demo tape.

(demo tape)

Recorded January 1, 1994, Floater's first demo tape Stiff & Restless was reported to have only 100 copies made - All four tracks appear on each side. These tracks also appear as the first four songs on the Sink demo tape.

Face of Order
Killed the Girl

Stiff & Restless