The Sad Ballad of Danny Boy (9:52)
Peter The Destroyer (11:34)
Aah (2:04)
Settling (6:33)
Out Of Sheer Loneliness (3:33)
Endless I (4:48)
Persecutor (9:38)
Centerfold (3:29)
The Beast (2:20)
All Of The Stories But One (8:29)

June 8, 1999

The Great Release

Liner Notes

Recorded Live on Tour '98-'99

All songs written, performed and altered by Floater
Recorded by DAX the Sound Viking (our god-send sound man)
Mixed in the Glass Elevator, Tacoma, WA by DAX and Floater

Cover photo by Adam Cohn
Additional photography by Robert Matheu, E. Todd Keeney, Adam Cohn, Jospeh Ross & Owen Rounds
Insert design & layout by E. Todd Keeney
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Floater's groveling gratitude goes out to DAX, Aaron and Cassandra Thorpe, Everyone in the audience every night, Paula Vale, The Williams family, Jeff Chase and everyone we forgot to mention.

Robert thanks: My wildly patient and loving family, the inspiring Angela, Moki and all the strange and wonderful forces at work which made this happen
Peter thanks: My folks for all their support, April, Ashley, Bella Lee, The Monkey man and the kind folks at Vic Firth
David thanks: The Amador family, Kimberly Utti, Paul Panula and Lee Stromquist