Robert Wynia Night Walks The Soundtrack

Robert Wynia - Night Walks (The Soundtrack)

An instrumental reader's audio companion and soundtrack for the book of poetry, "Night Walks."

Written, arranged, and produced by Robert Wynia at Curiouser Studios, Portland, OR
Robert Wynia - Vocal sounds, Guitars, Basses, Synthesizers, Keyboards, Piano, Drums, Percussion, Field recordings
Skip VonKuske - Cello, Mandolin
Nathan Olsen - Keyboards, Organs
Daniel Riddle - Omnichord, Vocal sounds
John Anaya - Acoustic guitars, Vocal sounds
David Amador - Electric guitars
David Langenes - Electric guitars
Mark Powers - Drums, Percussion
Gabby Holt - Vocal sounds
Eric Olson - Violin

A Mourning in the Desert (4:48)
The Low Hum You Cannot Place (5:51)
Need Like A Collapsing Star (6:19)
All Tentacles and Wonder (3:11)
Pleasure In Benign Violation (3:13)
The Floor Has Gone Missing (3:05)
Touching the Untouchable (3:13)
From Many, One (3:29)
Roll Credits (1:49)

June 10, 2020