Liner Notes

The Players

David Amador - Guitars
Peter Cornett - Drums, Percussion
Robert Wynia - Vocals, Upright and Acoustic Basses, Piano, 6 & 12-String Guitars
Keith Brown - Acoustic Bass
Rich Landar - Piano, Strings, Wurlitzer, Accordian, Mandolin

All songs written and performed by Floater
except: Invisible Written and performed by Peter Cornett with David Amador on trumpet
Pete plays Allegra drums
Produced by Diogenes Alexander Xenos
Recorded & Mixed by D.A.X. at Leialohapomaikai'nani Studios*
Mastered by Mel Dettmer at Sinister Kitchen Laboratories, Seattle, WA
Studio Design and Construction: Adam Poskie and D.A.X.
*This record was recorded & mixed by hand without the use of automation or digital editing.
Photography, artwork and layout by Robert Wynia
Management: Cassandra Thorpe and
Webmaster: Todd Lee
copyright 2004 Elemental Records 2004 Stone Jumping Music, BMI

Elemental Records thanks: Aaron Dipolitto, Andy Banton,
Angela and Tallula Wynia, Audio Works, Pete Kirkpatrick,
Jamie Singer, Jay Douglas, Josh Storm, Rick Loiselle.
An incredibly special thanks to the Williams family
for their hospitality during the making of this record
and for allowing us to create a recording studio in their ballroom.
Floater owes an eternal debt of enormous gratitude to our friends,
families and fans for supporting us for so long.
We cannot thank you enough.

August 3, 2004


On the Table (3:33)
Lost Patience (2:11)
Time Marches On (4:27)
Out of Sight (4:27)
Hard Parting (1:36)
The Golden Age (2:40)
Accepted (2:47)
Invisible (1:55)
Bound for Glory (3:52)
Strychnine (3:46)
The Misfit's Song (4:42)
Evangeline (4:01)