Floater - Handcuffs

Floater - Clean Plastic Baby

The Sad Ballad of Danny Boy @ People with Instruments Music Fest 2012 @ Cooks Farm in The Valley


Floater - Weightless

Floater - Killing Time

Floater's "Light It Up" reaction video

The Thief

directed by Darren Hartmsn

Floater - An Apology on PDX Spotlight

Floater - Crawl Into You

Like A Landslide

KEZI News spot circa 1995 on Elemental Records featuring Jonathan Boldt and Floater

The Thief Tour/Pre-order Promo

Floater - Weightless on PDX Spotlight

Floater - Rabbit King

Floater featured on S05E05 of PDX Spotlight

Floater on PDX Spotlight teaser promo

Floater - The Sad Ballad of Danny Boy

Floater - In Transition

Filmed at Press Club in Sacramento, Club Cocodrie in San Francisco, Brick Works in Chico, and Crystal Ballroom in Portland

Floater - Crusatyr

Floater - Diamond

BackStageVR - Floater @ Wonder Ballroom - May 18, 2019 (filmed in 180° VR)

Robert Wynia's official solo videos

Floater - Handcuffs on PDX Spotlight

Floater - Henry Lee (featuring Storm Large)

Floater - Exiled on PDX Spotlight

Floater - Isolation


Floater - Weightless (1st version)

Floater - The Thief

Floater - Last Forever

Floater - Zero Hour

Floater - An Apology

Floater - Bring Me More

The Terminal

June 2018 Tour Promo

Here Comes The Night

Light It Up

Bring Me More

directed by Sean Sisson

Dark Water

Down Among the Thornbushes

directed by Ian Price

directed by Kyle Collins & Sean Sisson


directed by Kyle Collins, courtesy of Kyle Collins & Keith Brown

Drumattica - Tangerine

Floater performs An Apology and Hollywood on 106X in Redding, CA

Next Stop featuring Floater

Hard Parting

Floater on PDXposed

Exterior shots by HAUS Shows

Spotlight on NW Music

Jim Beam's Backroom

From Floater's old official website floater.net

Only You

Peter the Destroyer (live)

Centerfold (live)

From Floater's old official website floater.net

as featured on the Launch 46 CD-ROM, courtesy of Launch Media

Marriage of the Black Sheep

Rabbit King

Queen of the Goats (live)

Mexican Bus (live)

Simplest Way of Life (live)

Killing Time (live)

directed by and courtesy of Sean Sisson

Tell the Captain (live)

An Apology (live)

Directed by Sean Sisson and produced by Activist Entertainment

The Sad Ballad of Danny Boy (live)

Directed by Sean Sisson and produced by Activist Entertainment

In Transition

Produced and directed by Kyle Collins