Liner Notes

An Evening of Music in Celebration of a New Millenium
Recorded New Year's Eve, 2001
at the Aladdin Theater, Portland, Oregon
Acoustic songs recorded live
to minidisc before midnight on 12/31/00
Electric songs recorded to multitrack after midnight on 1/1/01

Elemental Records thanks:
the audience, Oregon Events Enterprises,
Shawn Jurgensen, Chase Bothers' Lighting, Horne Audio,
Steve Reischman and the Aladdin Theater,
and Floater for letting us release this record.

Artwork, production, and song selection for
this live album were decisions made by the record label,
with Floater's permission.

Diogenes Alexander Xenos (DAX) - FOH, Samples, Recording Apparatuses
Mark "Sparky" McNeill - Monitor Engineer
Ryan Chase - Production Manager
Shawn Jurgensen - Dry Ice Video Screen "Wall"

Post Production:
Mixed by DAX in the DAXCABANA Hollywood, California
Mastered by Ryan Foster at FREQ Mastering, Portland, Oregon
Duplication by Dungeon Replication, Portland, Oregon
Album Visual Design by

Executive Producers: DAX, Cassandra Thorpe

Elemental Records:


Live At The Aladdin

Limited  Edition - Only 2000 copies pressed

July 17, 2001

Persecutor (Acoustic) (5:57)
Pet (Acoustic) (4:31)
Colorblind (Acoustic) (4:13)
The Knowing Dirge (5:14)
American Theatric (6:59)
Medicine Woman (5:42)
Exiled (5:05)
Equinox (4:26)
The Feast (5:14)
The Beast (1:30)
Clean Plastic Baby (11:43)
Tell the Captain (4:21)