Zero Hour (6:18)
Come See Everything (5:11)
Crusatyr (4:36)
Alone (5:39)
Tracks Across the Snow (5:36)
Rocking Horse (5:38)
Safety (4:32)
Luddite (4:33)
Hollywood (2:52)
Long Gone (3:19)
Diamond (4:46)
4 Down (A Toast) (4:46)

first pressing released on Pantheon Records, second pressing on Elemental Records

Liner Notes

Thanks to:
Rich Landar - Piano, Rhodes, synthesizers
Skip Parente - Violins, violas
Jen Folker and Princess Angela - Backing vocals

Produced by DAX, Andy Banton and Floater
Recorded and mixed by:
Andy Banton & DAX at Supernatural Sound, Oregon City, Oregon

Technical assistant - Lord Alvin

Mastered by Mell Dettmer at Sinister Kitchen Laboratories, Seattle, WA

Executive Producers - Cassandra Thorpe, Diogenes Alexander Xenos
Photography & Artwork - Robert Wynia
Graphics and layout - Joe Watkins -
Management - Cassandra Thorpe

Special Thanks:
David Caldwell for the use of his microphones.
Bill Gardner and Horne Audio, whose generosity and support
is deeply appreciated by the band and record label.
Floater thanks their families and friends for their patience and
support, and the fans for making it all possible.
Pete Cornett uses Vic Firth sticks and Allegra Drums

All songs written and performed by Floater
copyright Pantheon Records / Elemental Records 2002 Stone Jumping Music, BMI /

June 4, 2002