Riverboat - On The Lam


Packin' my things I need to leave today
it seems I've worn my welcome out
packin' my things I need to leave today
Cause I found a hole there in my bag of tricks
and everything has fallen out
yeah I found a hole there in my bag of tricks
and now I drift on a riverboat across a current of time
You know I need to get away
I'd really love to get away
since I've got troubles comin' down
And as I drift across the old state
I bid farewell to my ill past
driftin' along across that ol' state line
and I'm alone on my riverboat crossing currents of time

Weary Head

I fear a breaking point is getting close at hand
we work our asses off to satisfy the man
where are the little things to help me through our day
just counting down the clock until its five then we run away
Its good to be home -lord knows I couldn't take much more
its good to be home -and kick my shoes off on to the floor
its good to be home
Still stuck in traffic and the rain is no surprise
some of these people won't be getting home alive
I smoke my cigarette and then ash it in the tray
hoping that soon we will pick up the pace I'd like to get there today
Waves of exhaustion rolling over as I rest my weary head
and kick my feet up on the coffee table

El Rio del Tequila

Pronts mi amigo que el gusano girara
Debemos haber parado mucho tiempo hace
Un rio del tequila nos ha barrido lejos
Cuan Hagalo lejos nos toma -cuan deba lejos vamos

Into the Sun

All the townsfolk were just beginning to celebrate
when the thunder of horses shook the ground
bullets sang through the air while bandits stole the bride to be
and then proceeded to burn the village down
And as they rode off into the sun
they swore that one day they would return
thus striking fear in the hearts of la villa Amore
Acting quickly her romeo took off after them
and tracked the bandits across the dusty plains
heavy walls of a chapel was where they were hiding her
so he crept inside as it began to rain
And as the clouds covered up the sun
he knew that blood would have to be shed
to bring the girl of his dreams back to la villa Amore
Another day was coming to end in the little town
and most of the locals had started losing hope
just then the couple came riding
they swore there'd be no more fighting
and everyone ran out to greet them home
And as the night covered up the sun
they know that they were finally safe
and everybody rejoiced in the la villa Amore


Was it too cruel -was it unkind
did I share too much of what was on my mind
it may be hard but it's true
and I'm sure that it's something we both knew
Your making no sense and so it must be
that you were never really happy with me
so I'm getting drunk,and a little stoned
then I'll stumble back home again
Maybe it's the things you say like you don't love me anymore
maybe it's the things you say that keep me from coming through the door
You should move on -I'm done with the chase
and I'm heading down to my favorite place
where I can get drunk,and a little stoned
then I'll stumble my way back home again
seems to help my broken heart to mend
when I get drunk,a little stoned
and then stumble back home again
This is the end -this is goodbye
ask to be your friend but I know you won't try
I thin I'll get drunk,a little stoned
and then stumble back home again
going to hang out and party with my friends
yeah were all getting drunk,a little stoned
and then I'll stumble back home again

Next to Me

Imagine when all is so plain
someone who dears the mundane
like sunshine on a dark and rainy day
a Venus in the rubble
is bound to cause me trouble
but I wouldn't want it any other way
No its no good -just doesn't feel right
I guess I'll go back home and try some other night
Tell me please oh why is it when I go and close my eyes
that all I dream of is her next to me
Works hard at being lazy
wise and little crazy
a credit to her own philosophy
some new adventures are in store
with looks that drop you to the floor
dreaming of the possibilities

Ol' Man Worry

Ol' man worry is leaving today
don't know why he would leave but he's going away
yeah his bags are all packed sitting right by the door
better take a good look he won't be here no more
And by the way
he had something he wanted to say
but it seems to have slipped his mind
perhaps the old man will remember with time
Ol' man sorry is splitting today
yeah he heard worry left as he's running away
he asks what's there to keep me from using the door
when I know that I don't have to worry no more
Wow what a day when compassion goes running away
when we just don't have
and by the way there was something I wanted to say
but it seems to have slipped my mind -at least this time
Your so quick just to blow us all off until you need a helping hand
why save you -you won't save me
and by the way there was something I hoped you would say
but it seems to have slipped from your mind
I guess I expect way to much at this time

New Way Home

You know I found a new way home though I won't be taking it
all it seems to be is hurt me like before
I'd rather lose fingers in a blender
than have to go and walk back through the door
oh yeah I found a new way home though I won't be taking it
I need to find myself another place to stay
sometimes that price we pay for loving someone
is just to high to pay another day
You naggin is as constant at the stars
but your not quite as far away
and I know your happy where you are
so I'll find somewhere new to stay
Well yesterdays comes but still I've not traveled
no the motivation seems to have escaped
I called my friends and we formed a rescue party
we hope to have it back before it gets too late
Just let me get my shit in the car
and I'll speed so swiftly far away
down the open road that is tomorrow
in search of somewhere new to stay

A Thought

Who we are -how to define
we were always on our own -ohh yeah
Wonder where we are
Who we are -oh God no
perhaps one day we might know -ohh yeah
Wonder here we are