An Apology (4:12)
Ghost in the Making (4:20)
In America (3:27)
Weightless (3:59)
Breakdown (4:04)
Helping Hands (5:08)
Spaces in Between Us (3:30)
The Wave (4:41)
Everything Falls Our Way (3:06)
My Burden (5:08)
Proviso (2:27)
In Transition (4:37)
Tonight No One Knows (3:29)
Home in the Sky (5:25)

first press contained the DVD "Behind The Scenes", second press June 15, 2010 was CD only

Liner Notes

Produced by Andy Banton, Joe Beebe and Floater in Portland, Oregon
Recorded at Fistful Studios, Mixed at Superdigital and at
Elemental Recording Studios by Andy Banton and Joe Beebe except*
*Tracks 1, 2 and 8 mixed by Lars Fox at Le Garage
Mastered by Rick McMillan at Superdigital; Duplicated by Superdigital
Additional voices on Track 14: Angela, Kimberly, Keith, Kristen, Sergey,
Justine and the Fiftieth Street Choir
Cover concept and Layout by Robert Wynia; Graphics Production by Todd Lee
Executive Producer: Andy Banton
Behind the Scenes DVD produced and edited by Keith Brown; Authoring by Todd Lee
copyright 2006 Elemental Records, Inc / Stone Jumping Music (BMI),
All Rights Reserved
Management: Cassandra Banton Assistant: Kristen Coats
Publicity: Alex Steinenger
Official Website:

Thanks to our dedicated crew: DAX, Andy Banton, Keith Brown,
Mark McNeil, Tom Addison, Aaron Thorpe, John Swan, Todd Lee,
Gordon Coats, Sergey Orgenics and Kristen Coats.
For your tireless support: Justin Maximov (JMAX Productions), Dan Steinberg
(Square Peg Concerts), Jimi Biron and Allison Carter (The Crystal Ballroom),
Frank Faillace (Dante's), Steve Woodward (Hard Times Video), Tre and Erica
(Epidemic Music / The Showbox), Marconi and Kristine (KUFO), Lowell McGregor,
Horne Audio, Ross (Hollywood Alley), Todd Garrison, Mike Geyer & Rhonda Bolton.
Special Thanks: Diogenes Alexander Xenos, Wendy Xenos and the Williams Family for
your generosity for so many years. To David Long: for your patience  - we are indebted.

Last, but never least: Our beloved Families, Friends and Fans who make it all possible.

October 31, 2006

Stone By Stone