The Wild Duck

Aladdin Theatre


random photos

The Venetian Theatre

Crystal Ballroom

included here is Cassandra Banton's VAST collection of all things Floater. Cassandra bought Elemental Records in 1999 and has kept a large collection of Floater items

The Ohm

The Brick Works


October 30, 1999

W.O.W. Hall


WOW Hall photo shoot

Alter photo shoot

Burning Sosobra disc mastering

Mt. Bachelor Sports Bar

Halloween Bash

Burning Sosobra photo shoot

Hollywood Taxi

setlists & backstage passes

documents and papers

Portland Spirit

Eugene, OR

March 17, 2001

Sit N Spin

Cassandra Banton's Elemental Records collection

show posters & ticket stubs

The Eclipse



Biagi's Bootleg Bash