Bonus tracks from this album were available for purchase from Floater's website, and additional tracks were made available to the Exiled Street Team Members, more track info can be found here.

Acoustic Live At The WOW

Accepted (5:13)
Come See Everything (5:19)
Minister (6:16)
Albatross (4:02)
The Marriage of the Black Sheep (3:26)
Possum's Funeral (2:49)
Crusatyr (5:11)
An Apology (3:51)
Bound for Glory (4:55)
Hard Parting (2:13)
Alone (6:43)

Liner Notes

Recorded live at the WOW Hall
Mixed by Tom Addison and Floater
Mastered by Kevin Hahn at Opal Studios, Portland, OR
Cover photographs by:
Sarah Ladu, Isaac Viel, Amanda Churchill

We would like to thank our fans, family and friends
who have helped all along to make this possible.
We're all in this together.


April 22, 2008