June 2, 2023

Pink Floyd's "Animals" - Live at The Spanish Ballroom

Pigs on the Wing - Part 1 (Live) 1:38
Dogs (Live) 17:23
Pigs (Three Different Ones) (Live) 11:59
Sheep (Live) 11:21
Pigs on the Wing - Part 2 (Live) 1:46
Come See Everything / The Sad Ballad of Danny Boy 
(Live) 11:04
American Theatric (Live) 9:19
Weightless (Live) 7:15 

Liner Notes

Floater performs Pink Floyd's "Animals" live in Tacoma, Washington at The Spanish Ballroom, 2023.

Bass guitar, Vocals, Samples - Robert Wynia
Drums - Mark Powers
Guitar - David Amador
Guitar - David Langenes
             Keyboards - Nathan Olsen             

Recorded live on April 7, 2023 at McMenamins Elk's Temple Spanish Ballroom, released exclusively on Bandcamp and available for purchase here.