Drumattica has released a new video for the track Spiritual, check it out here!


Some new tour dates from fall of 1994 and spring of 1995 have been updated in the tour dates. The 1994 Sink tour includes dates through the south-west and into the mid-west as far as Kansas City. Drumattica is also currently shooting a new video for the track Spiritual and we will see that coming soon!


Robert Wynia & The Sound have released a new holiday track "Winter Sky" over on his Bandcamp page. The Sound features Mark Powers, David Langenes, Erin Adkisson, Skip VonKuske and Nathan Olsen.


A previously unknown promo CD titled "FMQB SubModern #16: The FMQB SubModern Specialty Show Sampler" has been added to the discography. The promo was released in 2007 and features Floater on the cover and the track An Apology.


Some new tour dates from 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996 have been added to the tour dates archive. Big thanks to Lucy Kerley who has scoured her booking calendars for John Henry's in Eugene, and Janna Huhn for also scouring her calendars for multiple locations and dates around Oregon.


Updates of additional information and new pictures have been added for the Henry's Child demo tape (including a hand written cover by Peter Cornett) and the Seed demo tape.


Lyrics on all pages have been completely updated, Iron by Water is now available typed out for the first time (aside from the booklet) as well as the second Drumattica album Train Out of Time and the new Drumattica album The Way Out.


The Drumattica album, The Way Out, featuring 11 new tracks, is now available for purchase via digital download and streaming
here. Those who prefer physical media, CDs are also available for purchase here.


Floater is live streaming a performance from the Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland on July 11th.


Robert Wynia has released the instrumental companion soundtrack for his new book of poetry and lyrics called Night Walks (book available now in paperback on Amazon) over on his Bandcamp page. More info on the album page.


Robert Wynia has released a new studio recording of the classic Ronnie Lane song April Fool over on his Bandcamp page featuring Mark Powers, David Langenes and Don Henson.


Floater have released a new studio recording of Henry Lee (featuring Gabby Holt), a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds cover, over on their Bandcamp page.

Floater, Robert Wynia, David Amador, Mark Powers

The new Drumattica video for "Desolation" is here