Two copies each of Sink without lyrics printed on the inner lyric sheet (but background artwork is still there), or the version with no lyrics or artwork on the inner lyric side of the cover (plain white). Will buy cash or trade. Please contact me at:



on my personal facebook page

I collect and archive ALL things Floater, so if you have something to sell or trade, also please contact me.

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Although we will not enforce it, we ask that you buy Floater merchandise that is available new through their website or new through other websites or stores to support the band so they get paid too, as the band makes no money or royalties on used and second hand items. This page is here to help fans find the hard to find items, out of print discs, promotional items, memorabilia and merchandise that is no longer available. This page is for Floater related items only, wanted, for sale, to trade or buy. What you trade it for or buy it with is between you and the other person.

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